The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications & The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee )

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications Today I'm taking a look at my 20 favorite (that's right, 20) third-party iPhone and iPod touch apps

12 Must-Own Games for iPhone or iPod Touch Apple gaming has come a long way in a short time, and estimates suggest there are over 13,000 games on the App Store. Here are 12 of the best iPhone/iPod touch games so far, with direct links to the Store should a game take your fancy.  

The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition)

TechCrunch:  Some of these apps stand out much more than others do, so we’ve tried to hone in on the cream of the crop.

Top 50 websites 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

According to, Google is the most popular website for 2009 (I am not surprised).  This is followed by Yahoo, YouTube, Live, and Facebook.  If we are going to examine the first five Web sites, aside from Google and Yahoo which are search sites, the remaining three are social networking sites. 

The  are as follows:
32. t

Turn your Phone to a WiFi HotSpot

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 06:29 AM PST  The app basically turns your phone into a WiFi hotspot running on 3G internet.

All you need to do is install JoikuSpot on your phone, run the app and select which internet connection to use (i.e. 3G). That’s it — it will then use the built-in WiFi of your phone to turn itself as an access point.  Continue reading here

The phone tends to become hot since it’s running 3G and WiFi at the same time.  WiFi is a must but 3G can be substituted by GPRS or just EDGE.

The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your New Xmas Smartphone

Friday, December 25, 2009

The moment you unpackage a new smartphone is a magical one. Don't let the moment right after that, when you realize that it's practically useless out of the box, cancel that out. Here's everything you need to know:  Continue reading here

The Top Ten Freeware Products of 2009: Users choice from Gizmo blog

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Users Choice: Freeware Product of 2009  (25% of total vote)
Other browsers may be faster and sexier but Firefox with its huge range of add-ons remains the most capable browser for everyday use. Used by more of our site visitors than any other browser.
2.  Avira Antivir Free  (12%)
Antivir provides an extraordinary level of anti-malware protection for your PC at zero cost. There have been signature file update problems for the free version in recent months but these now seem to have been resolved
3.  Google Chrome browser  (10%)
Fast, safe and the shape of things to come. The most recent version now accommodates extensions.
4.  Microsoft Security Essentials  (9%)
A much better anti-malware scanner from Microsoft than anyone thought possible and low on resource usage as well. A great solution for low risk users.
5.   Comodo Firewall  (8%)
Extraordinary protection for those sufficiently technically competent to use it.
6.  Avast! Antimalware  (5%)
The most complete free anti-malware program available. It's a bit heavier on resources than Avira but the detection rates are superb.
7.  Picassa 3  (5%)
The ideal way to store, manage  and edit your online photos. The user interface is a gem.
8.  Everything Search  (5%)
Find any file on your hard drive in an instant without bogging down your PC in background indexing. Only finds files by name not content.
9.  Opera 10  (5%)
Opera's devoted fans will tell you it's the fastest, safest and most complete browser available. They are probably correct but somehow Opera has never got the traction it deserves.
10.  VLC Media Player (5%)
A multi-platform media player that runs mostly without the need for external codecs. It's the player of choice for many experienced users though a little daunting for beginners.

See GIZMO editors' selections for the best freeware of 2009

Also see my blog on My Favorite Free software essential for your computer

Top Choices: 46- and 47-Inch HDTVs

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Via PC World:   As HDTVs become ubiquitous, prices have dropped dramatically on sets that provide an optimal combination of handy features, elegant design, and superior image quality. Here are the five lab-tested 46- and 47-inch HDTVs on our current chart.  Cotinue reading here


Facebook Trying to Trick Its Users? & Putting a Bar Code on Places, Not Just Products

Monday, December 21, 2009

Click the headlines below to read the complete article
Kindle and e-readers

Google Android phone: 40 Tips and Tricks

From PC Wrold :  Android, is the antithesis of Apple's celebrated handset: It's open source, fully customizable, and free from unexplained app rejections. If the iPhone is Apple's inalterable masterpiece, the Android platform is Google's open canvas. The palette is in your hands; it's up to you to add color.

We've assembled 40 tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Android phone. Some are specific to Android 2.0 or later, but most apply to any Android-based device. And not one of these tricks requires you to jailbreak anything. 

Continue reading here

What's Cheaper: Replacement Ink, or a New Printer?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

From PCWorld:  It may sound crazy, but buying the replacement ink you need can cost you almost as much -- if not more -- than a whole new printer. 

The Digg user's conclusion: It is cheaper to buy a new inexpensive printer for the free ink cartridges included in box instead of buying brand name replacement cartridges that can be very expensive.  Continue reading here

The World's First $99 Laptop Debuts

Thursday, December 17, 2009

PC World  Dec 16, 2009 We've been hearing about the "$100 laptop"--a no-frills, low-power portable that meets the educational needs of children in developing nations--for a few years now. But no product has materialized--at least not at the $100 price point--until now. Cherrypal has launched a $99 portable, the Cherrypal Africa, a "mini-netbook" built to bring Internet access to the world's poor. 
Continue reading here

Most popular laptops

from CNET:  Just in time to round out your holiday shopping season, we've consulted the Web traffic oracles and compiled a list of the most popular laptops of 2009. Based on which system reviews CNET readers clicked on most often, this list shows what's on the minds of laptop shoppers--and the emphasis is clearly on value over all else. Read more

Also visi 

Solid Group launches NinoyCory cell phones

LISTED firm Solid Group is launching today three NinoyCory variants of its “my|phone” cellular phones, a marketing strategy to push not only the homegrown brand but also to boost the candidacy of Benigno Aquino III, son of the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and President Corazon Aquino.

Solid Group tweaked its three dual-SIM cell phones now in the market—Q21 Duo qwerty phone, MS28 Duo mini-slider phone, and B21 Duo music phone—by loading them with Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino speeches, trivia, biographies, letters, poems, and even images of paintings of the country’s first female president.

The phones, all in trademark yellow, also contain prayers for the rosary, the Stations of the Cross, various novenas, and religious songs in 162 e-book files.

Continue reading here

Its about time everyone gets a dual sim with so many competing offers from SUN, SMART, Goobe and wireless landline phones too

Blog review Q21 Duo qwerty phone

MS28 Duo mini-slider phone

B21 Duo music phone

Test Drive And Learn Windows 7 Features From Your Web-Browser

Microsoft Windows 7 and if you  planning to get switched on the new operating-system now you can test and learn the new features online right from your web-browsers - thanks to newly introduced Windows 7 Test Drive service from Microsoft which allows users and developers to experience Windows 7 running live on Microsoft servers in an safe virtual test-drive environment accompanied with supporting step-by-step walkthrough videos of it's features.

The free test-drive resource requires no special software installation and runs inside your web-browser (Internet Explorer) and needs a single Active-X installation to get started.

The test-drives are divided into various categories like productivity, security & control, streamlined PC management etc. which can be accessed from the official Windows 7 Test Drive website here.

How To Boost Globe Tattoo 3G Signal

This guide on how to boost your Globe Tattoo will make your Globe Tattoo Broadband internet speed faster. Learn how to look for a stronger Globe Tattoo 3G connection for a better surfing experience.

How to boost your Globe Tattoo broadband 3G signal

Read more at my blog on Globe USB Tattoo
Source: Globe Tattoo YOUniverse

Time to buy a computer? Tips for making the right choice

Time to buy a computer? Tips for making the right choice

From USA Today:  Here are other mainstream factors every PC buyer should consider:

•Windows or Macintosh.
•Chips off the old block. The brain of your computer is the processor.
•Storage. Think big
•Memory. You can never have enough memory,
•Netbook vs. laptop.There are many trade-offs: cramped keyboards, modest screen sizes, limited storage and wimpy processors.
•More to think about. Make sure your PC has ample USB ports for connecting peripherals. Some machines no longer include FireWire, a port for hooking up older camcorders. If that's important to you, make sure it's there. HDMI is a viable option for folks who want to hook their computers to an HDTV. An eSATA connection is an alternative way to hook up some external drives.  
Also read my Laptop Desktop Computer Blog
Continue reading here the full details

Google Wants to Speed Up the Web: Launches Its Own DNS Service &

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Read the article by clicking the title

Mobile Operators Becoming Robust PC Retailers
Sneak Peek: Nokia's Symbian OS Upgrade
Google Launches Dictionary and Translated Web Search

Special Coupon Code To Grab $1 Domain Names From GoDaddy

Posted: 16 Dec 2009

World's no. one ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain extensions GoDaddy is now offering the mother of all domain registration discount coupon-codes by offering 99 cents ($0.18 ICANN fee) new domain name registrations for .com, .net, .org, .net, .biz & more.

To benefit from this limited time cheap domain registration offer simply use coupon code "BUYCOM99" while checking-out, hurry-up as the offer won't last long.

Ruckus Patents Technique for Video Over Wi-Fi

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wi-Fi equipment vendor Ruckus Wireless has patented a technique that appears to be widely used to improve video on wireless LANs.  Continue reading here

You can buy the SMART BRO share it device online open line

Huawei B933 aka Smartbro share it for only P2500. visit link

Maybe a businessman in the Philippines will import them and sell them here, good business opportunity as then the router could be used for SUN, SMART or Globe or general use as now the present one is locked to SMART.   Sales on Sulit classified ads or ebay Philippines would be good.

Read more about the SMART Bro share it wireless router and the service from SMART here

Chumby internet-connected alarm clock with internet music

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Widget-tastic bedside companion. With many of my readers spread through out the world and wanting to listen to news and music from their home countries, the internet provides a way and this device might be answer to making it easier.    The Chumby is one of those strange little gadgets that defies easy categorisation. If we absolutely had absolutely to try to sum it up in half a dozen or so words, it would be: Wi-Fi internet radio alarm clock with widget support.

More 'nightstand' than 'bedside table'

ice Christmas present a Myphone dual sim phone

Friday, December 11, 2009

With so many busy people carrying dual sims now for PLDT sim phones, Globe sim phones, SUN unlimited, a dual sim phone is essential.  How about a nice dual sim cheap phone with FM and memory card?  There are several models in Myphone slide phones, one model I like is

MYphone S23 Duo Slider. Dual sim
SUN is offering some of these phone on their monthly plan P350 including unlimited texting and calling sun to sun.

Basic Specs:

- Dual SIM Slide Phone
- 900/1800/1900 MHz
- 2.0" 240x320 pixels QVGA TFT
- Built in Camera
- Mp3/mp4 player/Stereo FM radio
- Expandable Memory up to 2 GB
- Bluetooth/USB/Motion sensor

myphone S23 Duo Basic Features
  [Graphic Menu]   [Multi Languages]   [Alarm]   [Calendar]   [Notes]
  [Touch Screen]   [Vibration]   [Calculator]

Antenna: Internal
Navigation: 5-way keypad
Phonebook: 1000 entries, Photo call
Built-in Memory: 2 MB
Memory Card: MicroSD/TransFlash, up to 2GB

myphone S23 Duo Multimedia & Entertainment Features
  [FM Radio]
Media Player: MP3, MP4 Player
Ent Platform: Java CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0
Mobile TV: Analog TV

myphone S23 Duo Connectivity, Data & Network Features
  [Build In Modem]
Infrared (IrDA):
Bluetooth: V 1.2 + A2DP
Data Cable: USB 2.0
PC Sync: support
WAP: WAP 2.0
Web Browser: HTML | xHTML
Email: IMAP4 | POP3
Instant Message: AOL, OCIQ, Wireless Village
Wireless Data: GPRS, Class 12

Dealers nationwide here


Aerophone Enterprises
- Cebu City
Audionet Axis Telecom Inc.
- Cebu City
Celplus Fonshop
- Cebu City
GIZMO Marketing
- Cebu City
Junrex Cellphone & Accs. Inc. - Cebu City
JV Shop N Shop Company
- Cebu City
Lite Cost Cellphone & Acc..
- Cebu City
Melky Cellphone Shop
- Cebu City
Phones & Gadgets, Inc.
- Cebu City
RC Goldline Sale Shop
- Cebu City
GIZMO Marketing
- Cebu City
RULLS Cellphone & Accesories - Cebu City
Royalty Supermarket
- Antique
Q- Solutions .
- Cebu City
Virlac Cellstop & Repair Co.
- Mandaue City
- Tagbilaran City
Galleon Enterprises Telecom
- Bacolod City
- Bacolod City
Sigfredo D. Tan Trading
- Bacolod City
There is also a new dual sim slider phone
See Also:
- B71 Duo
- B23 Duo

See Also:
- T12 Single SIM
- T13 Duo

See Also:
- S72 Duo
- S21 Duo

See Also:
- TV22 Duo

HTC Hero vs. iPhone 3GS

Published by: yuga posted: December 11th, 2009 A lot of people have been asking how the HTC Hero compares with the Apple iPhone 3GS. We shot both smartphones for a side by side comparison.

We’re pitting an iPhone 3GS 16GB with an HTC Hero and a 16GB microSD card. I borrowed the 3GS from @tjmanotoc for the photo comparison here (forgive the worn out Invisible Shield on the 3GS).

Now that we got that out of the way, the price of a prepaid 16GB iPhone 3GS is Php38,850 with Globe and the HTC Hero with 16GB microSD card is Php37,799 (Php33,999 + Php3,800).  Continue reading here with many comments
Comments:  you missed the big screen of the iPhone, the thinner form factor, bigger internal storage.  let’s not forget that the iphone lets you install applications until your entire capacity is used up. the hero, i believe will only allow you to install apps in its phone memory. this sorta limits you. 
I find Hero´s strong personality goes to business users since it was designed for it. With the collaboration of contacts, twitter and facebook, etc. You can easily see it in each contacts/users.

Iphone is simple in many ways but snappy in performance.
Android market and application are still limited while iphone has numerous softwares found in appstore. 

these two phones despite costing close to Php40,000 with all their features and you still can’t even make a video call.. tsk tsk..

i’d rather wait next year, i hear a lot of new more cooler phones are coming out, like ericsson’s xperia x10. more android phones and more nokia phones with capacitive screen with an updated UI.

best bang for the buck for me this year is still the nokia’s 5800 (with the updated firmware), it only cost Php13,000 and you get most of the features of these high-end phone including push email(albeit, it has a resistive screen, stylus and lacks kinetic scrolling),not too mention you can also do FREE video web calls, super sulit =)

I make the video calls direct from cellphone using fring app and my family members back in phils video call me from PC using skype and all of these calls are free unlimited because “all-you-can eat” internet data plan. So, i am optimizing the data plan where ever i go i use video call whether i’m in office or at home.

Sulit classified ads has a HTC Hero for P32,000

And ebay philippines has BRAND NEW UNLOCKED HTC HERO WHITE MOBILE PHONE UK for P26,289.69

Apple iPhone 3GS NEW SEALED FACTORY UNLOCKED 16GB White  P38,993.43 but foreign supplier outside country so much more expensive than HTC Hero

Skype Beta Calls on Symbian Phones

Published: December 10, 2009 From the NYTimes   Skype continued to expand its mobile footprint today with the release of a beta version of its
offering for Symbian S60 3rd Edition phones, a move which could be a step toward Skype becoming the ubiquitous real-time communications platform CEO Josh Silverman envisions for the company. The release supports 17 different models and includes basic features such as free Skype-to-Skype calling, instant messaging, group conversations and the ability to call phones with Skype credits or via subscription.  Continue reading here

You can download it here

The Age of the Internet Tablet Is Nigh

December 10th, 2009 from Mashable web:    Much like the eReader space has been heating up (with a host of new entrants like the Nook and Que taking on Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader), the tablet device form factor race has seriously begun. Rumors have been flying about both an Apple Tablet and the Microsoft Courier, and now two new companies may have plans to bust out a tablet device: Dell and Asus.

Dell’s forthcoming tablet is still officially in the rumor stages, according to Pocket Lint. It will reportedly run AndroidAndroid and have a 5-inch screen, making it more akin to something like the Archos 5 Internet Tablet than either the Apple Tablet or the Courier, both reportedly featuring bigger screen real estate. Asus, too, who kicked off the wildly popular netbook craze with its line of Eee PCs, reportedly has plans to release an Eee Pad tablet device.

Continue reading here

Continue reading more Kindle type news at my blog

Best Free Firewall

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This article gives you a selection of the best free software firewalls available.
Read more about it at my Favorite Free Software at
Other recent postings FREE essential software include

Putting a Bar Code on Places, Not Just Products

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google is tagging thousands of real-world businesses with QR Codes, similar to product bar codes, to make it easier for mobile-phone users to look up additional information about those places.

Friendster relaunches new website; targets Asia for growth & YouTube makes videos "Feather" light

Read the headlines below by clicking the title
Book Learning, Reading your kindle in the bathtub
Demand for bluetooth headsets growing  (for internet cafes in the Philippines)

D-I-Y: Using Google DNS

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Put your nternet protocol setting at “Obtain DNS server address automatically“.

From the juntariman blog:  The DNS (Domain Name System) is used to identify you computer when connected to the net. It’s like a phone book in the internet where host names are translated to IP addresses.

Last week Google launches it public DNS and it proves fast and efficient as i tried it to my PLDT DSL connection. Google’s public DNS addresses are easy to remember: and as preferred and alternate respectively.

Follow the step-by-step procedure below to set your IP/TCP setting at this blog

Create an Ad-Hoc Network Sharing Point from a Windows 7 Netbook

via PC World:   Windows 7 Starter Edition, the version loaded onto netbooks, isn't supposed to offer "advanced" features like ad-hoc network sharing. In this one case, however, finding this feature is as simple as typing the right phrase into the Start Menu search.

Rafael Rivera's Within Windows blog points out that while the dialog that normally starts the ad-hoc networking process in Windows 7 is disabled in Starter Edition, simply searching for adhoc allows you to start it up. That means being able to connect other computers, smartphones, and Wi-Fi-enabled devices to your netbook when it's got a net connection. It's not quite as convenient as Virtual Wireless Networking, which you can enable with Connectify, but it does get the job done.

Windows 7 Starter hides but allows ad-hoc networking Continue reading here


1.  How to configure ordinary Sun or Globe or Smart sim to Sun or Globe or Smart internet sim?
2.  Unlocked E160 Settings for SUN, SMART, GLOBE to enter in your unlocked USB
3.  Share your USB with your whole house ROUTER
4.  Get a external antenna for your USB Smart, Globe or SUN plug it
6.  Globe tattoo unlocked, SUN USN unlocked, SMART BRO plug it unlocked

Go to my blog here

NatGeo Downloader Grabs National Geographic Wallpapers Without Command-Line Hassle

Monday, December 7, 2009

Windows:  NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader snags every 2007, 2008, and 2009 wallpaper with point-and-click ease. More »  via Lifehacker

Bolster Your Holiday Playlist with 40+ Free MP3s

FOR USA and Canada customers only unless you use a VPN
Looking to get into the holiday spirit but find your holiday playlist a bit skimpy? Lifehacker alum and CNET editor Rick Broida rounds up dozens of free holiday MP3s from Amazon and others, featuring the likes of Lady Gaga and Tori Amos.
(Click the image above for a closer look.)

The easiest place to get started is this page of 29 free holiday songs on Amazon. On the other hand, if you want to get in the spirit with story rather than song, web site Learn Out Loud is hosting a free download of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. Over at CNET, Broida suggests a couple of other solid sources, so be sure to check out his post for a few more gems.

If you want to enjoy some good holiday music but don't want to clutter up your digital music app's shuffle with holiday songs the rest of the year, you can also do plenty of free listening online at places like, Pandora, or (my own) (playlist embedded below; read more about it here).

Via Lifehacker

Winning guide to video games & Smart offers flat rate Blackberry service

Sunday, December 6, 2009


CinemaTube gives high definition videos

With the introduction of the new CinemaTube from Brite-View, you can now enjoy the full high-definition capability of your cutting-edge, high-end TV at a price that’s a fraction of other HD players.  The CinemaTube makes CDs and DVDs obsolete, as it allows you to enjoy digital entertainment on your large screen TV.  You can plug in your USB drive and watch the latest movies or view a photo slide show set to music in crisp, high-resolution quality.  Read more here and where to buy in Philippines

Bargain of the day Encore 802.11n Wireless Router Php1480.00

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bargain of the day
Encore 802.11n Wireless Router (ENHWI-N) for your home network so you can use your wi-fi cell phones at home and also your wi fi on your laptop as well as connect your home computers directly to the LAN on the back of the router.  And this is a N router the faster and long range standard than the old G standard and with this cheap price everyone should upgrade.  From CDR King but check out your local computer store for similiar priced deals.  Read all the details at my bargain of the day blog here
See link at end of the article about why should you use N vs G (older routers) for laptops 


Was: Php2480.00

USA DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail

From the Washingtonpost blog :  Pay-per-click revenue in the online advertising business may be diminishing for traditional media publishers, but thieves increasingly are earning five- to seven-digit returns when victims click on a booby-trapped link or attachment sent via e-mail.

The latest victim to learn this was Nigel Parkinson, president of D.C.-based Parkinson Construction, a firm with an estimated $20 million in annual revenue that has worked on some of Washington's top gathering places, including the new D.C. Convention Center and the Nationals baseball stadium.

Parkinson said he had an expensive crash course in computer security, when on Nov. 24, he clicked a link in an e-mail purporting to be from the Social Security Administration warning him about potential errors on his Social Security statement. Parkinson fell for the ruse and ended up downloading a copy of the Zeus Trojan, a prolific family of malicious software that criminal gangs have used to great effect to steal tens of millions of dollars from victimized businesses so far this year.

Zeus is primarily a password-stealing Trojan, and in short order the thieves had stolen the credentials Parkinson uses to administer his construction firm's bank account online. From there, the hackers sent $92,000 of Parkinson's cash to nine different money mules, accomplices hired through work-at-home job schemes who are instructed to withdraw the money and wire it overseas (typically minus an eight percent commission)  Continue reading here

Make sure your computer has a firewall and virus checker and you can get them free.  Check my favorite free software blog here

Buying a laptop? Read this first & E-Readers May Hold More Surprises

Friday, December 4, 2009


Reviews Touch screen smartphones

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Touch-screen smartphones

Smart introduces unlimited mobile e-mail to subscribers & 10 Free Downloads for Your Laptop

10 Free Downloads for Your Laptop
The Best Gadgets for Christmas
The Best Products of 2009 PC World
Xbox LIVE iPhone App Lets You Message on the Go